What to Do When Whois Shows 'No Data Available'

by Radu

I’ve done a lot of domain checking lately for the WebStoked (now Radu.link) blog and another website that I have in mind.

And since almost every domain name that you can think of is taken, I was using Whois tools a lot to see if the domain is about to expire and stuff like that.

Usually, my go-to Whois tool was Whois.net, but in several cases, it showed “No Data Available” when searching for certain domains.

That was odd, especially when some domains were having a website in place and all.

What in tarnation meme

I didn’t think much about it, so I headed to another Whois site, but the same thing happened.

The Solution

So, I started Googling the problem and the only advice found was to try even more Whois tools, until one of them shows some kind of data.

Surprisingly, that actually worked!

I kept trying different Whois websites until one of them finally showed some data, and that’s whois.domaintools.com.

Until now, it has shown information for all the domains that returned “No Data Available"on other Whois websites.

So, if you’re experiencing the same issue, just use that website.

If, somehow, it still doesn’t work, keep trying others until one will show some domain data.

Why Are Some Whois Tools Returning “No Data Available”?

Personally, I have no idea, and I couldn’t really find any solid information on Google either.

This is one cause, but for historic second-level domains, which was not my case.

And another cause (see the second-to-last message, #685414) simply consists of a glitch in the data.

If you know other reasons, let me know!

That’s a Wrap

Hope this guide helped you find the Whois data for the domain that you want.

If some info is outdated or incorrect, or you have anything to add, say or ask, please contact me via Twitter or email.

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