How to Change Your Fiverr Gig Category

by Radu

I don’t know when was this implemented or why, but Fiverr won’t let you change the category of a published gig anymore.

You’ll get this error:

You can’t change your Gig category once your gig was published.

That’s frustrating if you chose the wrong category, or a new, more suitable one appeared and you want to switch.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution for this, and I’ll show it to you.

Change the Category of Your Fiverr Gig

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to change the category of a published Fiverr gig.

Step 1

From the menu, go to Gigs.

Step 2

Click on the drop-down arrow associated with the gig that you want to change the category for.

Step 3

Select Pause from the gig’s options.

Step 4

Now, go to your Paused gigs, click on the gig’s drop-down arrow again to bring up the options, and select Edit.

Step 5

You can now change your Fiverr gig’s category! 😄

Step 6

After saving the changes, activate your gig from the Paused section by selecting Activate from the gig’s options.

That’s a Wrap

I hope that this tutorial helped you out, and you managed to change your Fiverr gig’s category.

If some info is outdated or incorrect, or you have anything to add, say or ask, please contact me via Twitter or email.

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